Protect the Right to Vote & Our Democracy

One of our most cherished and most protected rights as Americans is our right to vote for our elected representatives. It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.  Our right to vote in a free and reliable election must be protected from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. I believe that every eligible American voter should be allowed to vote at no charge, conveniently, without long delays; without discrimination, regardless of socioeconomic status, in a safe and secure atmosphere, and if necessary, by a secure and reliable mail-in ballot. I believe making election day a federal holiday would also give voters easier access to same-day voting centers and allow employed individuals time to get to the polls. Expanding access to voting centers, especially in densely populated areas, would remove both economic and transportation barriers to voting. I believe that we should have voter IDs that are free, reliable and convenient, and easy to obtain. I will take the necessary steps to protect your right to vote and protect the integrity of our elections.

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